Mini Forecast for The card :  21 Mountain (8♣)

The card : 21 Mountain (8♣)

Today’s Overview:

A majestic mountain range, lushly forested, obscures the horizon. Its paths are steep and it blocks the way.

The Mountain card looms in your path today. You can choose to deal with it, or not, and it doesn’t care which choice you make. But it isn’t moving. Ever.

This is a card of immobility, or, at the least, a real struggle to move forward. New approaches are called for to address challenges and delays. The good news is, the Mountain’s issues aren’t hidden or difficult to recognize. They are big, and right in your face.

Not always a bad thing! This card is an opportunity to address something that’s been holding you back, or threatens to hold you back. You don’t have to wrestle with doubts about whether there’s an issue or not – you’ll know, it will be clear there is an issue, and what that issue is.

It’s also an opportunity to recognize that something you’ve been trying to move for a long time is not shifting. It may be time to change direction.

What does the Mountain mean for you? Expect obstacles to be front and center today. Something will try to keep you from moving forward. You may recognize, for the first time, someone or something that has been opposing you. You may find yourself struggling with your own shortcomings, and finding something about you is the biggest obstacle in your path. And you may be called to back away, take a longer view of what you want to accomplish, and find another path to reaching it.

Further insight comes by looking at the number of this card – 21, which, in Numerology, becomes the Number 3 (2 + 1 = 3).

The Three’s energy brings both challenges and solutions to your issues with the Mountain. The question is: How should someone with your personality navigate those challenges, and take advantage of those solutions? The Three is flighty, unfocused, willful, and procrastinating. Rely on those aspects of the Three, and it’s likely the Mountain will remain in front of you.

Put the Mountain behind you by capitalizing on the Three’s way of seeing things in a new way. Previous approaches have brought you to this impasse. Step back and try something different, and see what progress you make.

Today’s Action Steps:

Being forewarned that the Mountain will crop up today is a huge advantage. Now you’re prepared. When you meet the obstacle, take a breath, and take your time. If a project experiences a setback, or someone you thought was an ally acts as an enemy, put aside the Three’s tendency to just avoid the problem. Instead, explore the problem as a child would – nothing is off limits. Everything is worth considering.

The Mountain often carries the possibility of drama and hurt feelings. Keep your eye on your chosen path, and where you ultimately want to end up. Find a way to move on, and leave the drama and hurt behind you. Better things await someone with your gifts and talents.

Summary For Today:

It is useful, if not always easy, to find out what stands in your way. The Mountain bears you no ill will – it just provides information on what limits you. You are supported by the energy of the Three, one of the luckiest of numbers. Let the luck it brings help you find – and recognize – the way around the Mountain.

Affirmation: I am creative at finding ways to reach my goal.