Mini Forecast for The card :  7 Snake (Q♣) 

The card : 7 Snake (Q♣)

Today’s Overview:

A formidable nest of serpents, ready to strike, guards against what’s coming from any direction.

The Snake is concerned with power, manipulation, seduction and control. It often represents great power, and misuse of that power. To get the feel of this card, consider the story of Adam and Eve that is told in a number of cultures. In many versions of the story, the Snake is charming. It deceives Eve into eating the forbidden apple of knowledge. In doing so, paradise is lost to her, and to Adam. The stories generally suggest the Snake was charming, manipulative, and very committed to its own agenda, with no concern for the consequences eating the apple would have for Adam and Eve.

In myths from other cultures, the Snake is intelligent, but also somewhat alien – inhuman. It is revered because it exists both above-ground and below. In shedding its skin, it seems to regenerate, to be immortal.

In short, snakes are powerful, but not to be trusted. They have significant skills, and this card invites us to use the Snake’s skills in our own lives. It is flexible – adaptive – able to survive, and thrive, in different environments. Is there some area of your life in which you could let go of your preconceptions, and see things in a new way? The Snake uses its tongue to check out any threats in its surroundings, and to find food. If you grow still for a moment, and think about what might be threatening you – or where you might find what you need – what comes to you?

What does the Snake mean to you today? In love, think seduction – and rivals. Appearance of this card can be an indication that someone is seducing you for their own purposes; that someone you trust to be faithful is betraying that trust, or being tempted to betray that trust; and, it can mean that someone with whom you hope to experience intimacy is ready for that next step.

In career, watch out for a betrayal. In love or career, be especially careful today of someone who seems to be trying to charm you. Their motives may not be what they seem.

The Snake has a two-fold meaning in terms of health. Its appearance is often an indication that there’s a health issue that needs to be examined and addressed. But the Snake is traditionally a symbol of healers, so this card also carries strong energies for healing and recovery.

The Snake is very much about expression – it expresses itself in the way it coils, the focus in its eyes, the movement of its tongue. Look at your own expression number for ways your destiny is reflected in the energies of this card. Look also at the numerological significance of this card, which is associated with the Number 7.

The 7 carries the energies of one who seeks for truth. Just as the Snake travels or lives underground, so does the 7 look beneath the surface, to see what’s really going on. Like the Snake, the 7 values knowledge – traditional knowledge, and also arcane or mystical knowledge – wisdom that is both revealing and challenging.

Today’s Action Steps:

Today, look below the surface of things to see what you might be missing. Pursue arcane knowledge about your life and those you love – make an appointment with an astrologer, or spend time journaling about your dreams. Today would be a good day to look into continuing your education – what knowledge might you pursue to help you reach your goals? Your expression number can give you an idea of what areas of study you should pursue.

But also watch out, today, for the ways the Snake uses power. Be on the lookout for trickery, seduction, manipulation, betrayal. You may encounter a tall, lanky individual (shaped somewhat like the 7) that either brings these qualities into your day, or is an ally in understanding them. This is not a day to fear, but to respect. Respect the power, adaptability and insight of the Snake – learn from its strengths, at the same time you take measures to protect yourself from them.

Today, the Snake invites you to consider what it’s time to shed – what it’s time to rid yourself of, to move on with fresh, new skin. Ask yourself, and take the answer that comes to you first: what would I like to be rid of? It’s your choice whether to act on the answer you get; but you might consider what you would gain, if you shed yourself of that person or thing.

Summary For Today:

The Snake is not to be trifled with – but if you respect it, and set safe boundaries with it, it has much to teach you in the ways of power, focus, flexibility, and even healing.

Affirmation: I look out for my own well-being, while being open to enlightenment and change.