Mini Forecast for The card :  35 Anchors (9♠)

The card : 35 Anchors (9♠)

Today’s Overview:

A large anchor, on a heavy chain, is stranded on dry land. Once, it held a boat steady in rough waters, or near rocky shores. Today, it appears to help you hold steady.

The nature of the Anchor is to hold. If holding on benefits the situation, that’s good. The Anchor holds any situation steady and still. If you, or a situation in your life, need to ride out a storm, the Anchor will bring a calming, reliable, stabilizing influence.

But if holding on doesn’t benefit the situation, the Anchor’s appearance is to let you know that you need to break loose. If something in your life needs to shift and move – and maybe head for open waters and freedom – the appearance of this card can indicate that what needs to change is being held back.

Is there something holding you back? Or a situation that’s asking you to just hold on and wait? Are you being urged forward, but fear or doubt is holding you immobile? One way or another, holding is what this card is appearing to call attention to today.

It’s an anchor – it holds a ship in one spot, with the waters churning all around. Perhaps this card is appearing to you today to offer that kind of steadying support. And – if a storm is coming, the anchor makes the boat unable to maneuver. That immobility could sink the boat. In the card, the anchor is beached. It can’t do what it does – it can’t provide a steady support. So how, in your life, do these metaphors for being held play out?

And you – how are you holding? Are you the steadying influence on your team, or is your desire to do things the way they’ve always been done stifling creativity and innovation? In your relationships, are you wanting your romantic other to be exclusive because you want commitment, or being clingy? And your romantic other wanting your relationship to be exclusive – is that a sign of devotion, or a need to control? The Anchor can stabilize in ways that are healthy or unhealthy. And can point out to you when an immobilized situation is unhealthy, and needs to change. Today – you have to figure out just what the Anchor is trying to tell you.

Some cards indicate quick movement, or slower movement. The Anchor indicates lack of movement, and stagnation for the foreseeable future. There will be no drama, no rushing, no change. The Anchor speaks of the status quo. Look to its numerological significance for more insight: the Number 8 (35 = 3 + 5 = 8).

The Number 8 works with the energies and areas of career, business, money, power, authority. The influence of the Number 8 on this day means you’ll likely be playing it safe and staying with what’s worked before. But – the 8 is not stagnant. If the Anchor has come into your life to tell you it’s time to change, it will be urging you toward that change. So much more information can be had when you know how to look at the deeper numerological meanings. If you are hearing the call to know more, you’ll find more information through a deeper exploration of numerology.

The Number 8 is active in the areas of finance. The Anchor may be telling you to save for the future. Or hold steady and don’t sell those stocks just yet. In romance, the Anchor suggests long-term stability, so issues of commitment may come up. In health, it speaks to taking care of yourself over the years to be healthy as you grow older – or battling a long-term condition. In your job, best to stick with tradition today, unless all the signs point to a need to try something different.

Today’s Action Steps:

What does the Anchor mean for you today? You’ll likely be urged to either take a more conservative course, or a more dynamic one – it’s your job to decide which is best! In relationships, there may be a declaration of commitment – perhaps even a proposal.

In your career, the Anchor may let you know your job is secure – which, if you’ve been hoping for a change, might not be especially good news to hear. And at that point, the Anchor could be telling you it’s time to find another job, one that doesn’t leave your career so stagnant.

Look for someone you think of as particularly stable to influence the day – perhaps an older figure who is a parent, or functions in your life as a parent.

To know how to use the Anchor in your life today, ask yourself, “What in my life is stuck? What in my life am I glad is steady?” It’s likely the Anchor will act in one of those areas of your life. Identify what you value today, and take steps to sustain it for a long time to come. Consider that you are drawn to seeking insight, and if you value growth and learning, a new venture may be calling you to weigh anchor and sail into new waters. An apprentice course in numerology, for example, or a course in myth and symbol – or perhaps you could consider building a ship in a bottle? One with an anchor, to hold steady in any weather.

Summary For Today:

The Anchor brings an aura of stability to the day today. Use your intuition to know whether to lay low and ride the storm out – or weigh anchor, and head for more peaceful waters.

Affirmation: I am at ease with the stillness of peace, and the vibrancy of change.​​​​​​​