Mini Forecast for The card :  12 Birds (7♦) 

The card : 12 Birds (7♦) 

Today’s Overview:

Three birds are flying high. Two seem to be speaking to each other, unaware of the morsel of food the third bird holds, or is offering.

This card is the Birds. To best get a feel for it – think back on a morning in spring when you woke to the sound of birds. In spring, the birds are almost frantic with activity. “The nest must be built!” they seem to be saying. “A mate must be found! Oh, and don’t forget this, and that, too!” Meanwhile, they flit from one to the other, never finishing one conversation before another begins.

What does the Birds card mean for you? This card indicates your day will be influenced by conversations – most likely, brief conversations that tell you just enough to pique your interest, without telling you everything you’d really like to know. It’s likely more than one person will have input for you, and that could mean you get differing viewpoints – or it could mean you’ll get conflicting information.

It suggests that, in your career, today there will be one or more meetings, and it’s likely very little will be accomplished in those meetings. In romance – expect that phone call you’ve been waiting for. And in health, try to keep your blood pressure down today. It’s the kind of day in which you could be all stressed out before you even realize it.

This card is an indication that your day will not be dull, and it may be a bit frustrating. Should you act on the information you have? Or wait until there’s more clarification? Further insight comes by looking at your lucky number, and by looking at the Numerological significance of this card – 3 (12 = 1 + 2 = 3).

In numerology, The Number 3 is very like a bird in springtime – vivacious, energetic, flitting from one social engagement and conversation to the next, sometimes without a lot of substance. The 3 is having a good time – why ruin that with anything too deep or serious? The 3 gets by on charm and wit, and isn’t beyond a bit of manipulation.

For you, that might mean a light-hearted social engagement at which there are snippets of intriguing but harmless gossip. Or it might mean that you are caught up in a flock of unfocused co-workers or friends, somehow feeling you are being moved in a direction you aren’t entirely happy about.

It’s important, today, to keep a good sense of who you are, and what’s important to you. Particularly if you are empathic, you could confuse others’ excitement and emotions with your own. Remember to breathe – and use your instinct and your experience to help you know how much credence to give to what someone is saying, both in terms of their well-being and your own.

It could also mean that the conversations you have today (and there are likely to be several, both face-to-face and by telephone or social media) offer information that is useful, information that is only half true, or information that someone is using for their own agenda. If you find yourself being charmed, or if things suddenly start to feel like they’re moving too fast, you might pretend to have a call coming in, to buy yourself some distance and some time to consider things carefully.

Today’s Action Steps:

You’ll have options today – the trick is to remember that. Try to stay a little apart from the frenetic energy and choose your course. You may want to go with the flow and have a lunch or an evening of laughter, fun and variety. You may want to proceed more cautiously if the meeting you’re in at work, or the telephone conversation you’re having, suddenly seems a bit too fraught with drama. Don’t get sucked in. And if you need to focus, you might head off some of the confusion by just closing your office door, holing up in a conference room all by yourself, or working from home. Remember – the information coming your way today is probably useful, if you don’t get caught up in the energy around it.

Stay centered in what seems reasonable and right to you. Just because everyone else is all a-twitter, that doesn’t mean you have to be (unless, of course, you enjoy the drama, in which case – join in!). And stay focused. There will be a lot of information coming at you today, and you may need to sort through the seeds of it to find the piece of info that most serves your needs. When you do, consider following up with one or two others, to see if what you were told has substance, and to get additional perspectives.

Summary For Today:

Good information is coming your way, if you can keep your focus! If you’re having trouble deciding how best to proceed, look to your lucky number for additional guidance on which way to go.

Affirmation: I am skilled at managing my energy and maintaining healthy boundaries.