Mini Forecast for The card :  14 Fox (9♣)

The card : 14 Fox (9♣)

Today’s Overview:

A mother fox is making her way back to her den, where her kits wait, hungrily. She is focused and determined. She will do whatever she must to make sure that tonight, her kits’ hunger will be satisfied.

The Fox is focused. There is no room in her for desire or emotion – only her love for her young, her desire to sustain them. She does whatever is needed, because much is at stake – there’s no time to be lighthearted, and any mistake could mean she pays dearly.

The Fox represents the kind of people we can’t always trust, but whose knowledge and work ethic we can always rely on. They are generally looking out for their own interests – but in a pinch, as when your taxes are due or you need legal advice, they are the person you call. Fox does not put social situations first – but in a social situation, Fox energies bring you skill and insight. When you need someone who will commit, work with insight and diligence, and deliver on time, Fox is at its best.

The appearance of this card means all those fox-like traits will be in play today. Who are you in the scenarios that will take place today – the Fox who provides cool-headed, insightful support? Or the person in need of those qualities to work your way out of a challenging situation? It’s likely that today, you may find you are called on to be both.

What does this card mean for you? Fox energies are called for today, and that means no nonsense, no procrastination, keep your nose to the grindstone and get the job done. If you have a deadline, today’s energies will help you make a great deal of progress, if you keep at it. If there are issues that need your head to make a cool decision – apart from the feelings of the heart – the Fox can help you with that. Put your energy on what matters most today. The Fox brings great ability to focus and make headway.

If you are the kind of lighthearted person who urges others not to take things so seriously, you will be at odds with the energies and events of this day. And it’s likely those qualities of yours will get noticed, and possibly lessen others’ opinions of you. It’s just that kind of day. Just for today, experiment with being a person who is focused and hard-working. Because it’s never wise to go against the energy of the cards.

Focus, particularly, on what will further your needs and desires. The Fox looks out for herself, first and foremost. That isn’t being selfish; it’s taking an approach that’s sustainable. You can’t be there for others in your life, or for your work, if you’ve neglected what you yourself need. Today would be a great day to take a long view, look at who you are and what you want and need. If you are generally fox-like, that could include something as mundane as organizing the papers on your desk, or something as far-reaching as looking into getting an advanced degree in Business. If you are less linear, use Fox energies today to explore furthering a passion – a class or course in cooking, a program that mentors you in numerology, or perhaps a year dedicated to meditation and yoga.

The Fox is not above manipulating and bending the rules, so watch out today for a tendency to push ethical boundaries. Fox is intuitive and insightful – you or others may show particular intuitive insight today, and are likely to find yourself in situations where that’s needed.

Additional insight can be had by looking at the numerological influences. The Fox is a 5 (14 = 1 + 4 = 5). Fives are flexible, likeable, and great communicators – you’ll find their energies in musicians, entertainers and salesmen. Fives are always in motion – quick and agile, like a Fox. Put it all together, and it means that Fox brings you insight and a strong ability to communicate today, to further your own interests.

If you find it useful to consider the numerological influence in your life each day, keep the number of the card in mind, to expand on its traditional interpretations. The mysteries of the numbers open to you through reading,  programs that offer you an approach to learning, and your continued use of the energies of the numbers in your own life.

Today’s Action Steps:

Fox energies are powerful and useful – it would be a shame to waste them today. So be clever, choose where you put your focus, and work hard. At the end of the day, you’ll have accomplished three days of work.

Listen to your intuition today, as Fox brings sharp intuitive skills. Partner with those who are hardworking, insightful and clever, but keep in mind – they may be charming, but their mental abilities are agile, and in the end, they’ll be looking out for themselves. You should do the same. Be careful today that you and others don’t bend the rules so far that you make unethical choices.

You should leave socializing and play for another day, unless it would further a project you’re working on. Then, bring in Fox’s communication skills and insight to use a social setting as a springboard to achievement and advancement.

It’s likely a fox-like person will come into your life today. Fox can be a great ally, if your goals are aligned with theirs. With others, if your instinct tells you something is off today, take notice. Under the influence of Fox energies, people can be very clever at disguising their true intentions.

Summary For Today:

Fox energy is available to you today, to get things done. Things will be moving fast, and with purpose. Keep up! Or better yet, be in the lead.

Affirmation: I have the power to manifest what I want and need.