Mini Forecast for The card :  24 Heart (J♥)

The card : 24 Heart (J♥)
Today’s Overview:

A vibrant red Heart, shining out of a rose bush in full bloom, reaches upward toward a swordsman – the Jack of Hearts.

Love! Love in all its forms, as delicate and beautiful as a blooming rose. This card can indicate romantic love, and the other forms of the matters of the Heart – the unconditional love a parent gives a child, the loving gift we give when we have compassion, or forgiveness. The Heart represents all these. Traditionally, when it appears, it is viewed as representing romantic love, a new love interest, the future you have with a significant other. But the universe uses the dynamic of love much more widely, as a way humans can connect deeply – empathy that is beyond romance.

In your relationships, the Heart can indicate love you wish to receive, in any form. It can also appear to urge you to show greater love to those in your life, or toward the world – a greater capacity for compassion and forgiveness.

In career, it probably only has meaning if you have a romantic interest at work, or if you work in a field such as charity or church, where love, compassion and forgiveness have a particular place. It could indicate career and finances are well aspected today – indeed, all things are probably well aspected today, with love in the air.

In health, this card may indicate that you should give a thought to the health of your heart; and on the positive side, it conveys the concern and love the universe holds for you and your wellbeing.

When the Heart appears, the qualities of generosity, gentleness, forgiveness, and empathy are in play, or are needed. When you think of those qualities, does someone you care for come to mind? If so, the Heart invites you to show generosity toward that person today, in recognition of the gifts you find in knowing them.

What does the Heart mean for you? This card almost never portends anything ill. Rather, it appears as a general reminder of the way love transforms and brings comfort to any situation. It comes from our need to connect to one another, with understanding and compassion. Today, you will receive the gift of that love; and today, if you’re willing, you’ll be given an opportunity to give those gifts to someone else.

How can you show the world, and those in your life, some love today? Perhaps just by making time to be with them, and listening deeply to them. We each have our own unique gifts to give to others; look to your lucky number, to see how you might bring your own particular form of love to others today.

For additional understanding, we can look at the affinity this card has with the number 6 (2 + 4 = 6). In Numerology, the 6 is the number of the mother, and the unconditional love the mother brings. Today, the Heart invites you to honor love by remembering when unconditional love meant a great deal to you, and how it plays out in your life now. It is a great gift, to give and to receive.

As you might expect of a number associated with the Heart, the 6 softens and gentles any situation. It is seldom angry or confrontational, except when defending the helpless. Most often, it brings love, and the healing that love brings.

Today’s Action Steps:

Today, let this card inspire you to call on your particular gifts and abilities to bring love wherever you are – by acknowledging someone at work, or by a generous comment or support give to a friend, or simply by a warm smile given to someone else as you walk down the street. Because those who follow the energies of the cards know: to put yourself in alignment with their energies is to be supported in having impact and bringing change. Even with something so seemingly simple as love.

Show yourself some love today, too. Are you receiving unconditional love from someone? If not – why not? It is a loving act to yourself, to look at the quality of love in your life, and make changes so that you, too, receive the love and compassion all humans deserve. If you are one who gives love easily – today, give yourself time with someone who gives as generously as you do.

Today, give someone in your life your forgiveness. And if there is something in your past you’ve been unable to forgive yourself for, let the Heart bring the energies to you that will let you forgive yourself, too.

Most of all, find time today to be with those you love and who love you. Again – it sounds simple. But in aligning yourself with the energies of the Heart today, amazing things will transpire.

Summary For Today:

Embrace the energies of the Heart, and love, today, and be open to receiving the love of others. Honor love today, and give the Heart a way to work its magic.

Affirmation: I am love, and the love of the universe moves through me.