Mini Forecast for The card :  10 Scythe (J♦)

The card : 10 Scythe (J♦)

Today’s Overview:

Two scythes are crossed in front of a sheaf of grain, under the Jack of Diamonds. It’s as though they bar the way, and there’s a reckoning to be had.

The Scythe is a tool of the harvest. Put yourself in a previous life, in the past. The community is gathered to bring in the harvest. There are motes of grain dust in the air, and the sound of the Scythes falling –  swish…swish… –  cutting the grain it as it falls. Seeds were planted, two seasons ago, and now, this harvest – if sufficient – will see the community through the long winter. Will there be enough? And what seed was planted, two seasons ago, that you’re harvesting now?

It is time for you, or someone close to you, to reap what has been planted. Whether good seed or bad, the time has come to see what grew from it, and clear the field for future planting. The Scythe does not ask that you look at your life and make choices today. It says: harvest day is here. Today, it will be clear what grew from seed planted long ago. If the seed was of integrity and honesty, then the harvest will sustain. If the seed that was planted was diseased, false – this harvest will leave you or someone else wanting.

The Scythe is a notice: today, something will happen, and it will all go down before you have a chance to shape it. If that sounds ominous, it needn’t be. Just as the community that planted well, harvested well, that will be true for you, too. It hinges on whether you, or others, made good choices in the past.

And the card may be indicating you’ll witness a harvesting that reflects on someone else today. For example – maybe you’ve suspected someone you work with has been embezzling. Today may be the day that all comes to light – suddenly and finally. Though the bad seed of today wasn’t planted by you, you may still be affected by the resulting drama.

Or perhaps something you’ve worked for, for a long time, comes to fruition today, and you see the value of all the work you’ve done. A charity that benefits from your hard work and dedication, or a project at work that is received well. A strong harvest, based on seeds planted and carefully tended.

But there is also a sense of finality and ending with this card. And endings aren’t easy, as almost every human knows – because the head and the heart don’t always agree. That’s why we stay in bad relationships, bad jobs, way too long. Today, there may be a release, sudden, perhaps shocking – but needed. It may be painful in the moment, with your heart mourning – but a part of you will be nodding in recognition.

Cards like the Scythe make us want more insight, and perhaps make you wish you could look more deeply – they may urge you to be ready, when such cards appear again. What the Scythe may indicate is being harvested might be your inability to choose a path that leads to your destiny, so consider preparing for the unexpected – next time – by delving now into what cards or numerology can tell you, in the future.

For further insight, examine the Scythe card numerologically. The Scythe is associated with the Number 1 (1 + 0 = 1). The 1 is the confident leader.  It is – as is the Scythe – more about cool-headed decisions and actions, than it is about the heart. There is a field to be harvested, and by end of day, the 1 will have seen to that harvest. It gets the job done. The 1 is rather judgmental; it’s likely that whatever is cut away today, it is time, or past time. Out of its love for you, the universe is stepping forward now to do what needs to be done.

Have courage; though the day almost certainly contains events you did not expect, all will be OK. Things are unfolding just as they should, and something is being cleared away to leave an empty field, ready for new seed.

Today, the Scythe could mean there’s a sudden change in the works, regarding your career – an unexpected change in who you report to, for example. In romance, a choice that was made long ago leads to a change today. Perhaps your significant other decided to ask you to marry on the day he or she paid off all debt – and this is that day. Or perhaps there was an indiscretion, and today, that indiscretion shifts your relationship. In health, the Scythe may indicate surgery is needed – if you have been noticing troublesome symptoms, seek the help of a physician.

Today’s Action Steps:

Though the Scythe seems ominous, those who study the cards and numbers that help us find our way can tell you: all the cards and numbers are positive, ultimately. Take a breath. By nightfall, you’ll know something you didn’t know before, and can shape your life accordingly to bring you good things and happiness. You have significant skills in communication and relationship building; you have experience, and you trust your intuition. You have the skills you need to navigate this day – and you have the wisdom of the cards to prepare you for what you may encounter, as the day unfolds.

Summary For Today:

The time for harvest has come, and the Scythe will fall today, suddenly and inexorably. Have faith. You have the wisdom of the cards to guide you, and if you planted seeds with integrity and honesty, you’ll weather this harvest well.

Affirmation: I have faith in myself, and in the love the universe holds for me.