Mini Forecast for The card :  4Castle (K♥)

The card :  4Castle (K♥)

Today’s Overview:

A stately country home, solid and welcoming, sits at the end of the walkway, as though inviting people in to find their place of comfort and support. Above it is the King of Hearts – a ruler who is wise in matters of support, and matters of the heart.

What do you need to feel at home? The House card represents the stability, safety, and support that meet your particular needs. It’s a place to nest and rejuvenate. For you, that might mean an apartment with no maintenance responsibilities, where you can go and close the door and simply relax at the end of the day. For another person, that might be a stately home like the one on this card, with children riding horses on the lawn and running up and down the halls, playing hide-and-seek. The House encompasses all the things you love and want to be surrounded by – a master chef kitchen, or a library full of books, or a sunken tub where you can take long, warm baths at the end of the day.

This card may speak to the homebody in you – the person who doesn’t like to venture out the front door, and confront the world and other people. And that solid house can represent unbending tradition, to the point of being closed-minded. The House invites you to come in, close the door behind you, and shut the world out. That’s a positive thing when you need support and rest. It’s a negative thing, when you hide behind that door and don’t answer when someone rings the bell.

But most often, this card reflects the things we love in life, the things we surround ourselves with that sustain us. The things that mean “home” to us.

Consider the meaning this card carried when it was designed, centuries ago. Then, there was more danger, and less certainty. To ride your horse down a dark lane, at night – you might be set upon by robbers, murderers, thieves. To venture outside your door was to encounter the ravages of famine and disease. In those days, to see the lights of your home ahead, and know there was a warm fire, and loving people, and safety within, was no small thing.

What does this card mean for you today? In romantic relationship, it presages a setting up of a household – a home two people or more build together, and maintain for family, for the ones they love. In career, it can suggest independence, self-reliance, self-employment (working from home). In health, this card represents the house of your soul – your body, something to be maintained and cared for, so it will be strong and vital for years and years.

As with other cards, your lucky number can give more insight, and tell you more about how house and home play out for you. Consult your lucky number in terms of comfort, nurturing and safety. Further insight comes from looking at this card numerologically – the House is associated with the Number 4. The four is down-to-earth. It is about being dependable, hard-working, punctual, reliable, traditional (much like the picture of the House on this card). It is the number of the craftsman, rather than the artist – a more practical approach to living and to comfort.

The House doesn’t ask us to change or grow or risk anything. Rather, it acknowledges the basic things humans need to feel secure. We need to feel we have a home. And in it, the things and people we love. We need to feel it will be there for us, whatever else is going on in the world outside its doors. It is our home base, the place we go to rest and rejuvenate, so we can step out into the wide, wide world once again.

Today’s Action Steps:

Today, consider the simple things that make life worth living. Your garden, perhaps, or your kitchen. Your favorite chair for reading. It can be easy to focus on advancement and ambition, but what do you gain if you achieve everything, but you have no place to go to rest from that? Give time today to appreciate the simple human needs that your home nurtures in you.

Give some time today to what your House needs – the house you live in, or your body, the house of your soul. Perhaps plan an easily accomplished maintenance program that will keep both in good shape, so they are there for you for years to come.

Look at your relationship with tradition. Is tradition something you feel safe with – but perhaps something that keeps you from trying new things? Or is tradition something to be pushed against – perhaps to the point that you make rash decisions, instead of relying on the tried and true?

And look at what gives you a foundation in life – like the foundation the House is built on. Is your foundation your ethics? Your intelligence? Your education? Your love of people? Look to your lucky number for more information on what your foundation is. Give some time and energy today to your foundation – you’ll find that brings you balance and confidence.

Summary For Today:

The House is there for you – always. An investment in it is an investment in your own well-being.

Affirmation: I honor my nature as a human being, with a human body and human needs.