Mini Forecast for The card :  3 Ship (10♠)

The card : 3 Ship (10♠)

Today’s Overview:

On a rough sea, a ship with full sails makes its way, steadily, under the 10 of spades. Where has it been? And more importantly – what port is it seeking?

The ship represents a new journey – it is time to set sail and leave the life you’ve known behind. Or it can represent a mid-point – you have pulled up anchor and left one port, but not yet anchored at another. It carries the energies of something begun but not completed, and so can indicate a need to re-engage, and finish what was started; or consider that you are not making headway toward completion, and it’s time to change course.

Imagine – you live in a time when great sailing ships set sail – sometimes believing if they were blown off course, they might sail over the edge of the world. It took courage and the heart of an adventurer to leave behind what you knew, for unchartered waters. You boarded a fine, brave sailing ship full of hope and a sense of freedom. But along the way, the ship became becalmed. The wind died, the waters were stilled, and you stopped making progress. Have you stopped making progress in your life toward something that once excited you? The Ship is asking – can you raise the wind into your sails and make progress again? Or – is the lack of movement a sign to you that it’s time to let this journey go, and head in another direction?

Notice – the Ship doesn’t suggest you return to port. For better or worse, you’ve set sail, or need to set sail from where you are now. Now you are urged to leave what’s no longer serving you behind, and set out for a new life. Or, if you had that inclination in the past, and committed to such a journey and now find yourself becalmed, your choices are to continue on course, or change course for another port.

This is a card of change and commitment to change. It is not a surprising call to travel; it’s a call to finally take action that you’ve known you need to take for a long time, or to put new energy into an old journey that you’ve neglected.

The Ship can sometimes mean giving up on a relationship. Today, the Ship may show you the way to get free of a relationship you need to leave behind, or show you the reason why you must do so.

These are heavy issues! They portend both a need to see more deeply, and a promise that setting out on something new has value. So consider the Ship as a call to journey into a new area of yourself – a deeper commitment to your health, perhaps, or a commitment to a calling such as travel, or looking more deeply into your psychic skills, and your connection to numerology.

Further insight comes by looking into the number of this card – the Number 3. As you might expect with the Ship, in Numerology, the 3 is a free spirit – one willing to leave everything they know behind for the sake of adventure. It’s the 3’s nature to believe there’s good fortune just ahead, and that the grass is greener on the other shore. Sometimes 3s are too quick to give up, pack a bag and set sail. But the appearance of the Ship today indicates that approach is the right one. Follow that impulse; just be practical about finances, as it’s easy for the 3 to get carried away with possibilities and neglect the realities of the present moment. So don’t book that cabin on board with a private balcony. Instead, seek out a ship in need of a deck hand, and earn your way to your destination.

Today’s Action Steps:

What is your heart leading you to? A new passion? Distant shores? Mystery and mysticism through a new pursuit, like an exploration of a spiritual path, or an esoteric study such as numerology? The Ship and the 3 suggest you set sail to new explorations your heart and your destiny call you to.

Today, you are likely to have a watershed moment in which you realize that a new approach is called for, one that’s as exciting as a new adventure to a new land. This card is an opportunity to recognize and accept that your heart is calling you strongly to set out on another journey, or recommit to a journey you once yearned for.

Just remember the fairy tales, like Sleeping Beauty, in which her father, the merchant, lost all his fortune when his ship sank to the bottom of the sea. When the Ship appears, it suggests taking a risk in leaving your old life behind – but not so much taking a risk in financial ventures. Best to leave venturing into a new area of financial speculation for another day.

Today, watch for inspiration from a free spirit, a traveler who is skilled at moving on; or consider the Ship may be calling you to be that traveler, and finally leave behind something you are ready to let go. In your career, the Ship indicates good news of a positive change at your current career, or an opportunity to leave your current job for something new.

Summary For Today:

In what area of your life do you need movement – movement away from a commitment that’s becalmed, movement toward a commitment you once made but let come to a standstill? The Ship is sailing, its sails full of the energy of the winds of change. You’ve been in becalmed waters for too long.

Affirmation: I am ready to go where the wind blows me.