Mini Forecast for The card :  27 Letter (7♠)

The card:  27 Letter (7♠)

Today’s Overview:

The letter card is denoted with  the symbol of an envelope, sealed up, containing some type of letter.   This could mean that you’re about to get some kind of written communication, probably delivered via postal mail, in your mailbox.  This envelope could contain a wedding invitation, newsletter, newspaper article, letter, greeting card, or thank you card.   It could even be cash, check, credit card, or gift card, or some kind of financial windfall.  In unusual circumstances, the letter could be certified and could contain a legal notice, lawsuit information, a will,  physical evidence, or some kind of paper trial.   It could be some kind of ballot or vote that you have to cast.  It could contain pictures from an old friend.  It could even be representative of electronic communication like electronic mail, text message, or some kind of video message that you will be receiving.

A letter might also indicate that the location of the event that will happen may be a post office, mail box,  mail room, study, office, or somewhere else that letters and correspondence are issued every day.  It may also indicate someone in a writing possession or postal service profession.  Health wise, this card could indicate medical labs or tests, and the reports received from diagnostic testing.  It could even be referencing a physician’s prescription pads,  X-Ray film,  sick notes for an excuse from work or school, or any other kind of medical writing or correspondence.  The colors generally associated with this card are black and white, the standard colors of writing.

The Number 27

Twenty-seven is a perfect cube,  or 3 squared.  It’s also the first composite number in base 10 not divisible by any of it’s digit,  and the only positive integer that is 3 times the sum of it’s digits.   It’s the atomic number of cobalt,  and there are 27 letters in the Spanish and Hebrew  alphabets.   There are songs called “27” by Fall Out Boy, Passenger, Biffy Clyro, Kim-Sung-Kyu, and The Adicts.     “Weird Al” Yankovic uses the number 27 in at least one song on every single one of his albums.  He said he thinks it’s a funny number, and he likes the way it sounds.   In Stephen King’s novel “It”, it returns every 27 years.   27 is the number of bones in the human hand, which is important for writing.  27 may reference that your letter will be arriving in 27 days, or on the 27th.    Those born on the 27th love reading and writing, and make excellent students and teachers.

Today’s Action Steps:

Make sure that your mailbox is in order, e-mail box is empty, or that it has the available storage, and that you will not miss the communication that is coming and is intended for you.  Make sure your address is clear on the side of your home, and that the post office has any forwarding orders.  Make sure your friends and family who have asked have your correct postal address.  Also, make sure you correspond with those you need to correspond with.  If there is something you need to say, or something you regret not having said, now is the time to make sure that letter is sent.  You also need to make sure you let the universe know that you are open to its blessings.  The Imperial Dragon is the emblem that notifies the Universe you are worthy of the Universe’s blessings. Pay special attention to your mailman, employees in your mail room, and letter carriers over the next couple of weeks, and be aware of the news that they are bringing you.

Affirmation: “I will be open to all communication from near and far, whether good or bad.  I will take any and all news in stride, and make it work to the best of my advantage, to continue to build my life. I will make sure that the avenues of the news getting to me are clear, and will make sure it is as easy as possible for those who are interested in contacting me to do so.   I will use the news to improve my life.”   Repeat this to yourself 2 to 3 times per day, in a mirror if possible.