Mini Forecast for The card :  1 Rider (9♥)

The card : 1 Rider (9♥)

Today’s Overview:
A messenger is riding a spirited horse down a country lane, proud, confident, and focused. He has a message to deliver to you. What will that message say? And what changes will it bring?

This is the Rider. It is a promise from the deck – the first card of the Lenormand deck, it recognizes that you have set out to hear what messages the universe has for you. The deck’s first card, the Rider, promises the universe will be sending you those messages.

Let the figure on this card inspire you. He is coming with purpose, and he carries change. His horse’s hooves are stepping high – spirited. With whatever message is coming, and what it brings, engage fully. Be confident, be proactive, as this Rider is.

As the card at the beginning of the deck, the Rider presages the beginning of something new for you, as a result of a message you are going to receive. The message may bring a focus to something you already know, to tell you that feature of your life is about to have a central place in affairs unfolding. Or it may speak of something you hope for or fear – affirming it, or letting you know that, in your life, that hope or fear is not relevant right now. Or – and this is most often true – it may bring a new, unexpected element into your life. Because this card is the beginning, and it most often indicates something new that changes the course of your life, in small ways or in large.

Something new, or a new perspective. The message may bring opportunity, or a new relationship, into your life. Or it may bring a new way of seeing things – information you did not have before, about a person or a situation. But whatever it brings, things will be changing.

Maybe you are uneasy with change? Know that this card will be bringing positive change to your life. That’s important to remember, because initially, the message it brings may clearly be positive – or it may not. If the message seems less than positive, take a breath, ground and center. It is a positive shift in your life, whether you recognize that or not. Have faith. If the message, and the change it brings, doesn’t bring a smile immediately, it will in time. In time, you’ll be  grateful for the change that’s coming into your life today.

If you haven’t known what to do, this card indicates you’ll be given direction. It might, for example, speak to you of new ventures – a trip to a country where you’ve never been, or news of a distant relation who wants to connect. It might send you in a direction to balance your life with a new spiritual pursuit, such as a meditation retreat, or a course that lets you discover your inner numerologist.

If your life has felt stagnant and at a dead end, this card indicates that’s about to shift, in ways you might not have expected. And the change is likely to be a fast one. If you’re offered a chance to travel, you’ll be leaving soon. If you haven’t known what to do about a situation, this card indicates you’ll be given a sign of what to do, and then – you’ll need to take action quickly.

What does the Rider mean for you? Imagine this card as a movie you’ve gone to see. The move opens – there you are, living your life. It seems like another day – pleasant enough, but rather predictable. Then – the sound of hoof beats. A Rider approaches, on a spirited horse. In his hand, he holds a message, and the look on his face and the speed with which he approaches indicates the message is an important one. Life is about to bring unexpected change into your life. As you see the Rider approaching, take a breath and realize – you are up to any challenge this message brings. This message will change your life for the better – and you’re ready.

Further insight comes by looking at the Numerological significance of this card – 1. The number one is very much what it appears to be – a straight line, top to bottom. Self-sufficient and confident. Above all, today, remember that the Number 1 is the number of swift action.

If the Rider is bringing news of someone in your life, that person will likely have the characteristics of the 1 – confident, authoritative, a leader who is ambitious, goal-oriented, and unconventional. Whether the person the message represents is friend or relative, or romantic interest, enjoy the brief connection. Once the Rider delivers his message, he’s mounted and moving on, and it’s likely the person in your life that the message refers to moves out of your life as quickly as he or she came in. moving on.

Will the news, or new person, coming into your life be a blessing, or a challenge? Those who know the cards have a resource to look more deeply into the issues and opportunities. If you’re unsure, consider how much more you could discover if you knew more about the cards – a course like this one could match your insight with messages the universe is sending to give you support and clarification.

Today’s Action Steps:

Be on the lookout for change. When you recognize it – and you will recognize it – be prepared for things to move quickly. If there’s a decision to be made, know that this card indicates you’ll know what decision you should make. Then make it quickly, act decisively, and don’t look back. The universe supports you.

If you are someone who moves more slowly, be prepared to be a bit overwhelmed at how fast the situation changes. Do yourself a favor – just take a breath and plunge in. Don’t worry too much about the decisions you make. The Rider indicates movement is needed, and whatever move you make will be the right one.

Summary For Today:

Whether by email, snail mail, phone or other vehicle – be on the lookout for a message bringing you a call to action. This card indicates you should throw yourself into the action. Just remember that, if the message involves a person, it’s likely that person will make a big splash in your life, then be gone before you know it.

Affirmation: My intuition and intelligence help me make the most of change.