Mini Forecast for The card :  16 Stars  (6♥)

The card : 16 Stars  (6♥)

Today’s Overview:

An eight-pointed star shines out boldly, beneath the 6 of hearts. It seems to herald change for the better – to suggest the stars are within your reach.

Stars have often signified great happenings, and guidance to those who are lost or wander. When Sirius appeared in the Egyptian sky, it signified the flooding of the Nile River. A star appeared at the birth of Christ. The North Star guides our way, and the map of the stars tells us, astrologically, what the stars have in mind for us. This is a card of guidance from the universe, carrying powerful energy and light. A day – like today – that is overseen by the Star carries strong energies for positive change, positive gifts, and a change in fortune that will benefit all.

Imagine – that you are in another life, that of someone in an Egyptian caravan crossing the desert. It has been days without water, and you and others you travel with are so thirsty. You begin to despair that you will reach the other side of this desert alive. In the sky, one star begins to shine particularly brightly. The caravan changes direction to follow the star, and finds not only a source of water, but a great city of graceful trees, song, laughter and celebration. You dreamed of water, but what you were led to was a quenching of the things your soul longs for. That’s the Star.

This card can also carry a downside of suggesting you are reaching too high, dreaming unrealistically, escaping into fantasy. But if your dreams are worthwhile – if you believe they are achievable – it urges you to reach for them, regardless of what others think. The Star has come to you, not to them.

So what do you dream of? Is it big? Dream bigger. If your dreams are helping you escape from your reality, when your reality has lessons and learnings for you, the Star indicates you are too much a dreamer. But if you are on the path of one who wants to transcend your current life – the Star will show the way.

The Star also carries the energy of grace and good fortune. If you talk yourself down, or struggle with depression, the Star is a gentle, vibrant message of positivity. It urges you to shine with trust and a positive attitude. The universe is pulling for you; get that negative self-talk out of the way, and join hands with the universe to find your destiny, and succeed beyond what you or anyone else envisioned. Be open to the Star blessing an area of your life that brings luck and good fortune. If you need further insight, check the details of your lucky number to see where the Star might shed its light.

Further insight comes by looking at the Numerology aspect of this card. Appropriately, the Star is overseen by the Number 7, which is the number of the Seeker, the one who looks beyond the obvious. The 7 shuns ordinary concerns – gossip, negativity, abuse, bullying. It understands the way aligning with higher vibrations can open the way to deeper insight and union with the divine. In its association with the Star, the 7 supports your vision and your search for meaning – or urges you to have vision, and look deeper for meaning.

Today’s Action Steps:

Today, the Star will give you an opportunity to break away from what limits you. If you beat yourself down, it asks that you have faith in yourself and the universe, and move forward into a more positive life. Take a chance. You are backed by the energies of the Star. In career, this card’s appearance signifies a project or job that gives you a chance to shine. Consult your lucky number if you wish to understand how that opportunity might play out. In romance and relationship, the Star is vibrantly gentle; now would be a good time to make amends, to forgive or seek forgiveness. In health, this card indicates a healer in your life – and that could be a healer you meet with, or the healer within you – that shows the way to health and a better life.

Be patient. The Star shines in the sky above all day, even if it isn’t seen, and the change it brings may come by day. But it shines in all its glory at night, so it may be that it’s major impact enters your life after the sun has set – and the stars come out.

Listen to your intuition today. Just as the stars foretell our future, this card brings the energy of great light illuminating dark places and mystery. Today, your intuition will guide you well.

Summary For Today:

It’s a day for you to shine without – it’s a day for your dreams to shine within. So step into the energy of that shining. The Star brings insight, and empowerment for dreams. It combines with the energy of the 7 to make all things possible, and to show what lies beyond the surface. If you are often lost in a dream world, let the Star bring you a bit down to earth. But negativity has no place today. The Star will shine on your dreams, and through your intuition, guide you to them.

Affirmation: I am supported in all that I dream of.